Benefits of having heated tile flooring in your bathroom?

Living in a country with a cold climate is one of the best reasons to install underfloor heating in your bathroom, besides the obvious comfort and luxury that it brings. A few more advantages of this kind of hidden heating are that it uniformly warms a room, leaving no cold spots on the floor.

The maintenance, cleaning, and repair for this kind of heating are negligible, and with our expert Arlington Heights installation, you should never have a problem. No noise comes from radiant floor heating systems. No radiator is clunking, and you never hear it switch on and off as you do with a furnace.  Underfloor heating is an efficient and straightforward way of heating your home and will make you feel good by saving you money on your energy bill.

It is also easy to install and a lot safer than a gas furnace or radiator. It can reduce the allergens being carried throughout your home as there is no venting or forced air in a heated floor installation—just lovely warm air all around.

There ate two types of radiant floor heating, water-based or electrical systems. Both provide heat. Heated electrical wires installed in the sub-floor provide all-around heat, and a water-based system circulates hot water through the pipes under the floor, heating the space.

Tile and stone floors are considered the best type of finish for underfloor heating as they have a high thermal conductivity rate. Regardless though, other flooring choices can be just as good and provide the same level of comfort.

The tile contractors in Arlington Heights are professionally trained to install heating in your floors and offer excellent customer service. When you call us, we will visit your home and discuss your options. We will explain the process and the pros and cons of each heating system, and what to expect in the insulation process.

As the #1 underfloor heating specialist in Arlington Heights, our company looks forward to working with you and professionally solving your heating needs.

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