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How to plan a budget for your tile installation?

Just like any home renovation, tile installation in Arlington Heights requires a budget. Failure to establish a solid budget foundation can result in drastic overruns that can put you in unwanted and unexpected debt. Here are some things to...

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Match Your Floor and Wall Tiles

There is something to be said about the distraction in a lack of decorative continuity, and one definite place that is often seen is if tiles between your walls and floor don’t quite blend properly. Some people can ignore...

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Benefits of Having Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

Benefits of Having Tiled Kitchen Backsplash Backsplash tiling is the best way to upgrade the look of your kitchen without having to make significant changes in your kitchen. Having backsplash in your kitchen is also an eye-catching design for...

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What Tiles are Best for Small Bathrooms

What Tiles are Best for Small Bathrooms If you have a small bathroom, you probably want to make it look spacious. One important thing to keep in mind is how you decorate your walls and floors. It is essential...

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Modern Tile Installation Tips

Modern Tile Installation Tips Tile installation can be an involved and challenging process with lots of tools and moving parts. The first tool you’ll need for any successful tile installation is a large-notched trowel. This will ensure that you...

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