How to Choose Perfect Tiles for a Small Space?

Whether it’s for a bathroom, a kitchen, an entryway, or a hallway, tiles can have a big impact on a small space. Not to mention, tiles are extremely functional and practical, as they are easily cleaned and can stand up to tremendous foot traffic. But tiles are only as good as the tile installation that your tile contractors in Arlington Heights provide.

That includes choosing the right tiles for your small space. And your tilers in Arlington Heights should be able to help you make the right choices. Here are some ideas about how to choose the perfect tiles for your small space, wherever that may be.

 Create the Illusion of More Space

Anyone, regardless of the size of a room, would love to make that room look bigger. In a small space, this can be done by thinking counterintuitively and going with a larger tile. Large tiles create fewer breaks in the floor surface, while small tiles leave too many grout lines. And your tile installer in Arlington Heights will thank you.

Color is Key

While dark colors and shades tend to shrink a room, the opposite is true of bright colors. But make sure you consult with your tilers about matching the floor tiles with the color of the walls for continuity of space. You may even choose the same colored grout to ensure there aren’t too many obvious lines.

Skew Your Tile Installation in Arlington Heights

Tiles don’t necessarily need to be installed at right angles. Try a diagonal tile installation to expand the small space visually and create a unique flow by drawing the eye across the whole room.

Odd Shape Mixtures

Your tile contractors can use tiles in various shapes and sizes to reduce long borders and edges, confusing the eye into thinking the space is larger than it really is.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to make a small space look bigger through the right tile installation in Arlington Heights. Speak to your tile installers for the best way to handle your little area. 

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