Match Your Floor and Wall Tiles

There is something to be said about the distraction in a lack of decorative continuity, and one definite place that is often seen is if tiles between your walls and floor don’t quite blend properly. 

Some people can ignore it, and it is easy to cover up the more obvious areas with furniture or use decor to draw the eye away from the problem, but the best solution is to have it done right the first time, buy a professional, who knows how to contrast floor and wall tiles in a way that are pleasing to the homeowner. 

Tile continuity in a nutshell

When using tile to add interest to the space, some people think the tile between the floor and wall should match, but others favor the likelihood of that concept making the room feel smaller. Ultimately, it is a design decision, and not a hard one to make if you have a theme or concept in mind for your space. 

Tile Decor does tile installation in Arlington Heights with a very keen eye on not just the tile and how they lay, but also what else will complement the tile, like furniture and decor items. They see the whole picture before laying the first tile. Textures, styles, even sizes are factored into the overarching theme of the room.

Floor and wall tile are often different in materials, but similar in color, unless you decide to offset the colors for style purposes. Tile trim that seamlessly joins wall and floor tile can change the appearance as well, or you can decide to go without tile trim, however, for tile in a shower, it is highly recommended. Tile trim helps with keeping moisture from seeping into the walls between cracks in the tile putty in hard to place areas. 

If you do decide to tile an area of your home yourself, consulting a tiler at Tile Decor in their Arlington Heights showroom might be a wise idea. They can give you insights that you might not have previously considered, and even let you in on some tips to make the work even better.  

Know your limitations. Tiling is not hard, but a bad eye for the work, or a bad notion on how to do it without any previous knowledge, can be frustrating and a terrible thing to have to look at. 

If you don’t know, call the pros at Tile Decor.

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