Top 10 tile design trends in tile installation Chicago


Do you feel tired just only with thinking about which of available tiles to choose? It doesn’t seem curious at all! The variety of tiles styles and patterns is so wide now that it can turn out really hard to make up you mind.  Few years ago, tile installation in Chicago was carried out mostly because of benefits such as resistance to water as well as floor and walls protection. It has changed a lot. Obviously, functionality is invariably an important issue, however, design became the next paramount reason for tiles installation Chicago. Do not hesitate and keep your home up to date with the latest tiles trends! They’ll definitely stay trendy for many years to come.


 Top 10 tile design trends

  1. Large tiles – last tendencies show that tiles are getting bigger and bigger still. Their installation is a little bit more complicated and requires licensed tile contractors Chicago, however, it’s really worth to find them! The tiles look glamorous both in the kitchen backsplash and used in shower walls. 
  2. Wood look – it’s one of the hottest styles on the market now. It depends only on you what type of wood you’d like to imitate – the manufacturers are able to produce them all. Authentic and natural style guaranteed.
  3. Whitewashed tiles – homeowners are still falling in love with neutrals. The truth is that contemporary styles make really big use of neutral colors and patterns now. 
  4. Geometric shape tiles – hexagons are definitely the solution for creative ones! Consider it if you want your bathroom or kitchen to get some depth and dimensity. Combine with colors to create visually unique style.
  5. Concrete look – modern and industrial looks are definitely in rights now. Check out if concrete looking tiles are the solution for your loft or apartment. 
  6. Marble flooring – marble is popular for its timeless and unique beauty. It’s a hard stone that isn’t prone to damages and fading. There are available porcelain tiles on the market that imitate natural marble stones. 
  7. Mixed finishes – these tiles vary between matt, glassy and high-gloss finishes. That’s undeniably the guarantee of your space dynamic look. 
  8. Subway tiles – tile contractors Chicago claim that it’s the most frequently chosen tiles style nowadays. In some opinions, they can be boring, but as it turns out, their elegance is timeless. 
  9. Multi-tiles patterns – why use just one shape, colour and pattern? More detailed and dynamic tiles will catch the eye and increase the flow of the space. 
  10. Graphic tiles – there is nothing to explain. Whether on the wall or the floor, these tiles’ installation Chicago will be perfect for your home!
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